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Design for Corporate Spaces

When designing workspaces, the first thing companies often consider is their bottom line. Why spend your budget on interior design when you could just bulk order chairs online? But, is penny-pinching really worth forsaking the comfort of employees? Smart companies understand that workspaces are a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a business’s […]

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Islamic Architecture – Mosques

Mosques are a hallmark of traditional Middle Eastern and Islamic architecture. They are reflections of the regions rich, beautiful history. They are more than places of worship. Mosques are landmarks in the desert. The call emanating from their minarets beckons to pray, to reflect and to come together as a community. Designing a mosque in […]

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Hello 2020!

We at Collage Consultants WLL have enjoyed a fruitful and challenging 2019. Challenging in the best ways, as we have pushed our designs and ourselves to think outside the box and bring unique flair to each premises we have worked on. Fruitful because we have enjoyed the success of our learning and labors. We have […]

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Commercial Design Showcase

Restaurants and malls have very different specifications but share some key considerations. One of which being circulation. People need to be able to get around easily. Supplies need to be picked up quickly. Flow of traffic needs to be accounted for and there needs to be adequate parking for cars. Olaya Food Street is a […]

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Details Make the Difference

As architects and interior designers, we are trained to have an eye for detail. Details add personality to a space, and keep it from looking cold or anonymous. When it comes to aesthetics, the little things really do add up. Consideration of differing and complementary features goes into creating cohesive looks. Color, texture, scale, purpose […]

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Scale and Proportion in Design

Two factors at the forefront of any designer’s toolbox are scale and proportion. They are similar concepts with important differences. Scale refers to the spatial relationship between objects; one with a commonly known size. The baseline used for scale is us; humans ; and our spatial relationship to the world around us. Proportion has a […]

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