Commercial Design Showcase

Commercial Design Showcase

Restaurants and malls have very different specifications but share some key considerations. One of which being circulation.

People need to be able to get around easily. Supplies need to be picked up quickly. Flow of traffic needs to be accounted for and there needs to be adequate parking for cars.

Olaya Food Street – Al Khobar – Saudi Arabia

Olaya Food Street is a block of 20 fine dining restaurants. These restaurants need to have a cohesive aesthetic. Meanwhile, they should be unique as standalone establishments.

A key consideration is that each place is able to establish their own brands. Variety in design enables this.

Planning for flows of traffic, both of people and cars is important. Supplier trucks need to reach each restaurant easily to drop off food supplies. Receiving areas have to be easily navigable. There has to be space for trucks to maneuver into and out of the location.

Kitchen placement is a key factor in this. Receiving food supplies and getting them into the pantries and refrigerators has to take place as quickly as possible. The service areas of the restaurants have to tie in with kitchen placements as well as truck parking areas outside.

Dhahran Mall – Dhahran – Saudi Arabia

The DHAHRAN MALL is featured as a split level mall due to a naturally occurring split level in the roads around the mall.

Commercial design should be a perfect example of using site conditions to optimize business potential.

Main access to the mall is from the higher level road. Shops on two floors on this side are placed in a split level so they can be accessed from the road level with equal ease hence providing same business value to them. This also breaks up circulation of people around each level and eases any crowding. Two levels are comprised of shops, with restaurants above and offices on the top floor. This makes sure circulation is a steady flow around the entire mall area.

Al Khozama Mall – Al Khobar – Saudi Arabia

The AL KHOZAMA Mall is a facade design project. Collage Consultants WLL worked to give this two level mall an exterior facelift.

Uplifting the exterior design breathes new life into the facade and adds a much needed vibrancy.

Landscape design is also undertaken. Trimming greenery and adding plants in features reflective of the exterior design. This breaks up the buildings and shops and adds a natural element to this outdoor mall.

The Centre Point – Mall at Bahria Enclave – Islamabad

Centre Point displays a wide range of engaging aesthetics. The built fabric hints at the advent of a new age of futurism. Along with the Automall on its lower ground floor the building also has a shopping complex and a dedicated business floor. It also houses state of the art apartments comprising of 6 floors.

Provide maximum transparency from the public area into the lease space

The idea was to break the monotonous straight line grid of the facade on the apartment floors. By changing the sizes of the windows we created a dynamic and interesting pattern on the facade. Emphasizing entries segregating the different uses of the space was one of the key design milestone.     

Starting from the ground up or providing a building with an uplifting facade redesign. Collage Consultants WLL have your commercial design needs covered. Contact us today for a consultation.

Written By : Hassan Ali

Hassan strongly advocates ‘smart design solutions are not the future; they are the present’. Guided by a modern sensibility, he has been a major force in the firm’s progressive digital direction since his affiliation in 2014

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