Hello 2017!


Asgharali Co. WLL

 “We found their enterprise equipped with highly professional approach & staff. For both projects they produced state of the art designs to our esteemed  satisfaction.”

-Javaid Akram,  Project Advisor

SASREF Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company

”We admire the skills of their creative designs and innovative material selection. We are extremely satisfied with their performance and would definitely keep them in line for our upcoming projects”

-Abdullah Tawfiq Al-Marwan, Housing Project Manager – MHP

SIPCHEM (Saudi International Petrochemical Company)

“We can confidently recommend Collage as a solid and reliable company, and experts in their field.”

-Bharat Yadav,Contract Lead

What’s next for
us in 2017?

Interior Design of SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) Building

SWCC is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest government companies, based in Riyadh, KSA. SWCC approached us after seeing our work for the SASREF projects. We are excited to fulfill their design needs.

Interior Design of Royal
Suites at John Hopkins
Aramco Healthcare Hospital

Aramco is one of the biggest oil companies in the world. They have approached us to design Royal suites at the John Hopkins Armco Healthcare Hospital for the Royal family. This is such an honour for us, and we can’t wait to begin this project.

Interior Design of SASREF projects

SASREF has been an esteemed client of ours for years now. We are collaborating to design 2 more projects with them: SASREF Gymnasium SASREF Security Building

We at Collage Consultants WLL have enjoyed a fruitful and challenging 2016. Challenging in the best ways, as we have pushed our designs and ourselves to think outside the box and bring unique flair to each premises we have worked on. Fruitful because we have enjoyed the success of our learning and labours. We look forward to greet 2017 with fresh eyes and even fresher designs and concepts. We would like to thank each one of you for being there to support and inspire us as we grow and rise to meet the new adventures that this year will bring.

Collage Consultants WLL would like to say thank you to each of ours clients, friends, colleagues and collaborators for an amazing 2016. We cant’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead in 2017.

Design in Action - Al Duraibi Mosque

Buraidah, Saudi Arabia
Mosque- M. A. Duraibi, Exterior

Al Duraibi Mosque: Main Hall and Exterior

Designing  a mosque in modern times must pay homage to the heritage of traditional Muslim architecture. Prominent minarets and domed ceilings serve practical and religious purposes. Crescent moons and geometric tessellating motifs have stood the test of time . Simultaneously, designing a modern mosque must also bring in features of modern architecture. It should  be a marriage of tradition with current aesthetics.

The Al Duraibi Mosque in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia is an example of this marriage. Using the traditional geometric tessellating mosaic as prominent motif, this mosque is a study in lines. Generally, lines add concentration and movement to a feature, manipulating our perceptions of space.

The main hall of the Al Duraibi Mosque is partnership of aesthetics and acoustics. The lined pattern of the mosque’s exterior is recreated here on the ceiling, in 3D. The bumps and grooves of the ceiling add visual weight and texture.

With the Al Duraibi Mosque, we have created a space that appeals to the modern eye. All the while, standing firmly rooted in beautiful Islamic tradtion.

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