Bilal Saleem

Bilal Saleem



Bilal’s interest in architecture stems from an interest in sculpting, which he believes is both a technical and a creative pursuit. For him architecture is like sculpting a building for its inhabitants. He is inspired by the act of creating and he believes that the process of design and construction yields invaluable discoveries.

He graduated with Honors in Architecture from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2015 and worked on several government projects before joining the firm in 2018. He enjoys creative challenges. As an artist, he likes to think out loud and wildly, sketching out ideas to the constraints provided by the client but using his own creativity in the process. He finds inspiration in relating client wants and needs to a particular place.

His work engages artistic design, utilizing highly detailed 3d models and visualization technologies to reimagine the way we create spaces and to draw out the artistic perspectives inherent to any design. His interest in harmonizing architecture and interior design remains a focus of his work.