Hassan Ali

Hassan Ali



Hassan strongly advocates ‘smart design solutions are not the future; they are the present’. Guided by a modern sensibility, he has been a major force in the firm’s progressive digital direction since his affiliation in 2014.

He enjoys all facets of project work, from conceptual design, detailed design development, architectural visualization through to construction completion, and is well-versed with the vigorous design processes that are involved. He believes that good design naturally and seamlessly incorporates sustainability and thrives on finding creative spatial solutions to site constraints.

Having earned his architecture degree at National College of Arts in Lahore, he pairs his education with more than 10 years of practical experience and a strong background in digital visualization to yield unique design solutions to all aspects of his work, focusing on acute attention to the overall project vision as well as the fine details. With his exemplary command over constructing full 3D representations he is now striving to expand the firm’s high level of design excellence, project delivery, and seamless integration of BIM (building information modelling). He believes in bridging the digital gap between the construction site and the office and improve projects’ documentation and define quality processes.