Muhammad Saeed

Muhammad Saeed



Saeed moved from Lahore, Pakistan to join Collage as a project manager at the company’s very beginnings with merely a team of five people in 2003. Having been with the company since its youth, he has become an incredibly trusted and multi-talented member of the team.

Understanding a project from all sides – the marketing, financial and functional aspect for our clients, the design aspect for our designers, and being able to bridge those two worlds to create one final project – is a challenge he handles very skillfully.

Aside from keeping the project properly aligned, doing vigorous site inspections and meeting deadlines, Saeed also brings a certain hunger for knowledge to work every day. Striving to learn as much as possible and sharing what he is learning with the team and clients is ingrained in his work style. He has the ability to listen, understand, and interpret his distinguished clients’ expectations. While his start and rise in the firm is not a typical one, it has allowed Saeed to become a well-rounded Project Manager.