Naunain Ahmad

Naunain Ahmad



Naunain, co-founder of Collage started her journey as a qualified Interior designer in ’90 from Pakistan as an intern with one of the most renowned Architect of his time. After 3 years of work experience she started her own business in Pakistan.

From ’95 onward she along with her better half (Ahmed) started her journey with a competition project in Saudi Arabia which led to today’s Collage.

She is a woman with multiple roles as a mother, wife, daughter, a motivator and a mentor along with her passion for her work. Tirelessly working and fulfilling the demands of her roles was not easy. To achieve her dream to make a place in the design world was the passion behind her success.

In Collage, Naunain is considered as the backbone and the brain behind it. She is the Principal Designer, the leader, the front runner. Always willing to move forward with passion to take the next step towards developing her business and making sure that no one compromises on the quality of work/design. Naunain believes that you don’t need to be a good designer to be successful, what you need is the will to learn, accept your failures and change accordingly as you move forward.

Naunain is at present a full member of

British Institute of Interior designer [BIID] UK

Full member of Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID)

Professional member for Commercial Interior design Association [IIDA] North America