Wafa Aljabal

Wafa Aljabal



Wafa holds a strong belief that successful architecture should elevate user experience beyond expectations and feels that, the impact upon our daily lives, by how where we live is designed, is often underestimated.

With an immense passion for Green and Sustainable design, she believes that the built environment should be a direct response to its surroundings and should provide a strong connection between users and the existing physical, cultural, and social aspects of that place. Architecture should not suppress the importance of the natural environment, but rather create an experience that makes people more aware of it.

Wafa has been an integral part of the firm for over a decade, joining Collage after earning her architecture degree from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Her awareness of the connectivity between interior spaces, architectural design elements, and the natural environment are the result of a perceptive and client-centered approach. She strives to bring timeless design and a sense of style to each of her clients, focusing on the functional aspects of her design before diving into the aesthetics. She is collaborative, detail oriented and organized with the practicality of architecture and interior design as her primary focus.