Zuraiz Munam

Zuraiz Munam



Zuraiz believes that architecture should inspire those who interact with it, it should be comfortable, compelling, and energizing, and above all else bring joy to those who experience it. It should engage the site and provide warmth through scale, texture, color, and materials.

Her interest in architecture and design arrives from a propensity for art and drawing which, she believes, serve as a platform of inspiration and are fundamental to research, development and the design process. She enjoys the coalescence of analog and digital mediums in architecture as it provides a fun and creative palette from which to work. She has a passion for creating design that tells a powerful story, draws relationships to natural and cultural phenomena, and contributes to the built environment in a sustainable manner.

Bagging a Gold medal and the prestigious ‘Mehdi Ali Mirza Award’, she joined Collage as a fresh architect in 2011 after graduating from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. With a love for contemporary architecture and rigorous attention to detail she blended immediately and has been working on projects that require precision execution. She pairs an artful approach with thoughtful integration of client passions and requirements to create evocative solutions.